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Find Your Perfect Pearings

With a balanced flavour profile and a crisp texture, Cold Snap™ pears are a healthy and irresistible snack. Sweet, lemony, and floral flavours all come together to create a balanced taste, while the crisp and juicy texture satisfies those crunch cravings. Cold Snap™ pears are perfect for cooking, eating raw, paired with creamy cheeses or tossed in a salad.

Like your pears a little softer? Try leaving them on the counter for a couple days ripen!

You can tell it’s a Cold Snap™ pear by it’s round, plumpness and beautiful blush. The blush is not a sign that the pear is riper, it’s simply had a few more moments in the Canadian sun. Cold Snap™ pears can be found with and without a blush, but all of them are equally delicious!

Nutritional Information

Facts supplied by the CPMA (Canadian Produce Marketing Association)*